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Radical (free radical) - A species containing at least one unpaired electron. Perhaps the most common examples are halogen atoms created during chlorination of organic compounds. During the reaction, organic radicals (such as methyl radical... radical (free radical)

Zone refining - A purification technique in which a heating coil is passed slowly from one end of a solid (such as a metal, an alloy or a metalloid) to the other. The solid melts locally, and the impurities dissolve in the molten zone. When the heating coil moves... zone refining

Ultraviolet (UV) - A region of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies beyond the violet end of the visible region. The near UV extends from roughly 400 to 280 nm, being subdivided into UVA (400-320 nm) and UVB (320-280 nm); the far UV is roughly from 280 to 200 nm... ultraviolet (UV)

Ziegler-Natta catalysts - The catalyst system used in the production of polymers such as high-density polythene. The catalyst is a mixture of two compounds. One of them is a titanium compound (typically titanium(IV) chloride... Ziegler-Natta catalysts



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